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Oxford Outdoor Advertising has over 70 billboard faces which provide maximum exposure to traffic on the main Sumter County roads including CR 466 and SR 44.  The Oxford Outdoor Advertising billboards range in size from 10’ x 20’ to 14’ x 48’ with most of them being 10’6” x 36’.  This offers up to 672 square feet of advertising space. 

Oxford Outdoor Advertising offers static and tri-vision billboards in The Villages as well as Wildwood and Bushnell. 

Static billboards are a traditional style billboard that always uses the same advertising copy for the entire display period.
 A tri-vision billboard rotates the advertising copy at timed intervals which allows three individual messages to be displayed on a tri-vision during the display period.

According to Out of Home Advertising Association of American (OAAA), nearly three quarters of billboard viewers shop while on their way home from work.  More than two-thirds make their shopping decisions while in the car.  More than one-third make the decision to stop at the store while on their way home.  All of those present the opportunity for billboards to reach the audience while they are making their decisions.

– Out of Home Advertising Association of American (OAAA)

Nearly one-quarter of billboard viewers say they were motivated to visit a particular store that day because of an outdoor advertising message, and nearly one-third visited a retailer they saw on a billboard later that week.  Half of viewers reported receiving directional information from a billboard, and one-quarter said they immediately visited a business because of an outdoor advertising message.

Billboards provide needed information to motorists and help customers make decisions.  They provide an accessible, cost-efficient, and highly effective communication vehicle for business, small and large, to convey information about their products and services.  We are an integral part of the information community. 

Our team can work with you to identify your advertising goals to make billboard advertising work for you!  Contact us today to get started.

Serving These Areas

We provide outdoor advertising services in and around the Villages as well as Wildwood and Bushnell.

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Our team has over 50 years of experience working with you to create optimum outdoor advertising experience for our clients.

Great Locations

We offer locations along CR 466, US 301 and SR 44 in Sumter County along with locations in Bushnell.

Great Optics

You can select between static billboard and tri-vision faces to meet your advertising goals.

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